When you look at the skyline, you’re seeing us.

We started our firm based on one simple truth: that all the interconnected systems that make a building habitable and alive determine its real integrity.

Many design, engineering, and technological disciplines must come together seamlessly to create a structure that endures. A building’s systems are replaced and updated many times during its lifecycle, modernizing them to meet higher standards.

In our work, we focus on the core of what makes a building serve its occupants: its vital mechanical, life safety, ventilation, plumbing, and energy systems. We built our firm around these services, and we have kept our practice up to date.

We’ve created innovative engineering and energy designs for buildings that are recognized around the world. Throughout this time, we’ve continued to faithfully serve our clients in New York and beyond, balancing state-of-the-art design techniques with managing long-term operating and maintenance costs. To us, creativity and practicality must always balance each other, a philosophy our clients rely on us to deliver on every day.

Our clients entrust us with their most valuable properties and some of the world’s most iconic buildings, through relationships that have spanned decades. We take this responsibility with the utmost seriousness. With each project, over time, we have access to new techniques and technologies that can make a building more efficient, secure, and sustainable over time.

We’re a 60-person firm with a 5-decade legacy. Our team has worked on thousands of projects of every type and size. We are dedicated to building the future, from the inside out.


Our approach

Most people think that engineering is a purely technical discipline. Engineers work with advanced mathematics and physics every day, applying calculations of exacting tolerances at a massive scale.

For us, our areas of expertise are also defined by connection and creativity. Our work is woven into the heart of New York City, and the connections we have made with our clients are the pride of our firm and of the culture we have created.

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