Reflections on half a century of building the future, from the inside out

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Most people think that engineering is a purely technical discipline.

Although we work with math, physics, and, often, practical common sense, to us, engineering is largely about human beings. Our staff is family and we see our clients as both professionals and friends.

This is part of our statement of values. When we design the infrastructure of our clients’ buildings, we recognize that people will use them many years into the future. This is why we emphasize the importance of preservation, sustainability, and ease of maintenance.

The connections we have made with our clients, many of these relationships spanning decades, are the pride of our firm and the culture we have created.

We’re dreamers too. We can express our work in light; in the curvature of an arch that tens of thousands of people pass under each day; in systems that bring clean, fresh air to the deepest parts of a building; and in structures that produce energy instead of merely consuming it.

To engineers, there is both a science and art of doing work of the caliber our clients—and our communities—deserve. We are most proud when we find the correct balance of vision and practicality that suits our client’s needs, no matter the size of the project.

Goldman Copeland began half a century ago based on one simple truth: that the integrity of the substructure of a building determines the success of all the systems that work together to make it alive and habitable.

We believe that what’s behind the building’s walls, underneath its floors, on top of its roof—the many intricate connections that are often invisible to the thousands, even millions of people traversing or occupying a structure—are what fully define its legacy. Our clients entrust us with their most valuable properties and some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

Since our inception, we’ve worked hard to balance state-of-the-art design techniques with managing long-term operating and maintenance costs. Today we are a firm of over 60 people with a 50- year legacy of doing just that.

As we enter our next 50 years, we’re already looking ahead and anticipating what’s possible beyond the services that formed our foundation as consulting engineers.

We will continue building the future, from the inside out.